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The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office provides a trained Investigator to the Northwest Unit for Special Investigations through funding from the US Department of Justice, Rural Domestic Violence and Child Victimization Enforcement Grant Program. Currently, the position remains vacant as we are waiting to hear from the USDOJ on our new grant application. The Unit investigates approximately 180 cases per year.

Investigations are conducted by appropriately trained personnel. The Deputy Sheriff provided to NUSI is an officer who has expressed an interest in the area of sexual assault and child abuse, and has some experience in handling these cases, and is willing to increase their skill level by attending advanced trainings. Tim Chagnon is assigned to this position and has been a law enforcement officer since 1976.

Investigations in which the victim is a child is coordinated with the local child protection agency who is mandated to investigate reports of child abuse. The social worker and Investigator are both present at the interview with the victim and information vital to the crime, as well as child safety is elicited so that only one interview with the child victim is necessary. Corroborating evidence is crucial and is sought by the investigator and may include interviews with other witnesses, taped conversations between victim and offender, or physical searches of the offender’s home or car.

We encourage all readers to contact their Federal Senators and Representatives and urge them to support grant funding for this very important project. You too can take part and make a difference.


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