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Franklin County Detention Facility

The Franklin County Detention Facility is located at 30 Lincoln Avenue, St. Albans, Vermont and shares space with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

Currently the Detention Facility staff consists of 4 full time and 2 part time Detention Officers. We accept applications throughout the year for part time positions. Please visit our application page to download an application.

The Detention Facility is currently under contract with the United States Marshals Service and accommodates detainees from the US Marshals Service, United States Border Patrol and the US Department of Homeland Security The facility is capable of housing up to 20 detainees and presently houses only male detainees. These detainees are considered a low level risk and are awaiting Judicial proceedings or extradition to another facility. The facility is considered to be a short term lock up for the detainees.

The Detention Officers provide a safe and secure environment for the detainees as well as visitors, vendors and staff. 


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