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Sheriffs Preventing Alcohol Related Crashes

In 1998 the Vermont Legislature enacted ACT 117 as a way to provide increased enforcement of Vermont’s DUI laws. Act 117 established funding using money from fuel taxes, DUI fines and surcharges on a variety of traffic offenses, to provide grants to local and county law enforcement agencies for cooperative and innovative DUI enforcement.

In 1999 the Franklin County Sheriffs Office received its first funding from ACT 117 and established the “SPARC” patrol team. These funds are used to provide additional patrols throughout the county that specifically target intoxicated drivers. Deputies target areas that have shown a significant number of alcohol related accidents or offenses. Deputies receive specialized training in the detection and apprehension of intoxicated drivers, which leads to increased conviction rates for offenders.

Each year since 1999 The Franklin County Sheriff's Office has received more funding to assist us in reducing alcohol related accidents and injuries. The program allows us to fund additional patrols at least twice a month, with 4-6 officers at a time using saturation patrols and checkpoints targeting DUI offenders. This increased presence of officers leads to the increased likelihood of apprehension and acts as a deterrent to many that might otherwise take the risk of driving under the influence.

Since the establishment of the “SPARC” patrols, we have seen an increase in the number of DUI arrests and convictions as well as a decrease in the number of alcohol related accidents and deaths on Franklin County highways. The Franklin County Sheriffs Office is dedicated to making the highways in and around Franklin County a safe place to travel for all who use them.


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