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Sheriff's Child Occupant Protection Enforcement
The Franklin County Sheriff's Office receives grant funding for the Sheriff's Child Occupant Protection Enforcement (S.C.O.P.E.) program that is solely dedicated to traffic safety. The goal of the S.C.O.P.E. position is to increase proper and consistent seat belt and child car seat use through a combination of education and enforcement.

The use of a seat belt is law in the State of Vermont. However, the law is commonly referred to as a "secondary law", meaning that a driver can not be stopped solely for not wearing their seat belt (unless a child passenger, appearing under thirteen years of age, is suspected of being unrestrained in a vehicle). If you are stopped for any reason and are not wearing your seat belt, you may be fined.

Part of our education effort is to inform people of the dangers of not wearing a seat belt and the benefits of wearing it properly. The main purpose of a safety belt is to keep you inside the vehicle where your chance of survival is four times greater. The most important aspect of the S.C.O.P.E. position is the commitment to the safety of children.

Children and young adults are targeted for most of our educational pieces. Our hope is that if we instill good seat belt habits in the children, they will continue those good habits. Ultimately, our goal is to save lives. 

Unfortunately, nine out of ten child safety seats are installed into vehicles incorrectly. The Franklin County Sheriff's Office provides the public service of child safety seat inspections. If you are concerned about the safety and installation of your child's safety seat, a deputy certified in child safety seat inspections will go over the car seat installation with you and show you the proper use of a child safety seat. Please call the Franklin County Sheriff's Office to set up an appointment on Tuesday or Thursdays if you are interested in a car seat inspection.


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