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The goal of Click It or Ticket is to influence people to buckle up and prevent injuries and fatalities. Research proves that the certainty of a ticket and fines convinces people to buckle up.

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Mobilization of Click It or Ticket plays a critical role in the effort to keep people safe on Vermont’s roads and highways.

Buckle Up VermontIt is vitally important to buckle up. Franklin County Sheriff's Office employees Deputy Corey Griswold, Deputy Tina Ploof and former Deputy Scott Ferguson as well as Bookkeeper Kristina Lynch can testify that they could have been seriously injured or even killed had they not been wearing their safety belts. Please visit the links below to view pictures from each of their crashes.

It is the policy of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office that all employees, while in performance of their duties, “are required to be restrained in a safety belt system unless: ‘The person is s member of the emergency personnel of an emergency motor vehicle and finds it necessary to be unrestrained in order to perform his or her duties’.” [Vermont Statutes, Title 23, Chapter 13, Section(b)(5)]

For more information on Click It or Ticket, please visit The Vermont Governor’s Highway Safety Program:


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