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FCSO ATV at Lake Carmi The ATVs have been used in our patrol of the Lake Carmi State Park. The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation entered into a contract with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office to patrol the park during the summer months.

We received news from the Lake Carmi State Park – Visitor Comments, giving an “Excellent” rating on the enforcement of Rules & Regulations and the camper went on to state:

“Appreciated the Sheriff's Dept presence. Helped to enforce the quiet hours and kept the loud parties and groups to a minimum. Made our family feel better knowing this. Makes the entire camping experience better for families.”

Our ATV program is also used in our patrol for the Lake Carmi Campers Association. The LCCA entered into a contract with the Sheriff’s Office to perform staggered wintertime patrols of the camps owned by Camper Association members. While our snowmobiles have made it possible to traverse the lake in mid-winter, the ATVs have been a tool to assist us with our patrols during “mud season”.


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