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The Franklin County Sheriff's office TowerThe Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has two full time and two part time dispatchers. There are two complete dispatch consoles in our communications center. The consoles are connected to VCIC (Vermont Crime Information Center), NCIC (National Crime Information Center), and are a part of VLETS (Vermont Law Enforcement Terminal System), NLETS (National Law Enforcement Terminal System) and the VIBRS (Vermont Incident Based Reporting System). These systems are utilized to check vehicles, persons, articles and securities for wanted or stolen status. The dispatchers are also able to communicate directly with other agencies in the country through use of this system.

Our CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) System is produced by Spillman Technologies. The CAD system is a software program that assists dispatchers in the tracking of calls, deputies and associated operations. The CAD System also tracks tickets issued, arrests made and other violations and dangers associated with offenders and addresses.

Our Staff

Kristy Lynch is the Dispatch Supervisor. She is charged with the oversight of dispatch staff.

All of our staff is dedicated and hard working and are committed to the safety of the deputies on the road and the citizens of Franklin County.

Tips for callers

When you call for assistance, you should have available:

Where: The location of the complaint. While you may be calling from a location separate from the complaint, please advise where the complaint is located.

What: What is the complaint? What is the reason you need a deputy?

Who: Who is causing the problem? Did you see them? What is their description?

Weapons: Were there any weapons involved? What kind? Are the weapons still on scene?

Direction of travel: If the person left the scene, which direction did they go? Did they leave in a vehicle or on foot? Did they leave by roadway or off into the woods?

Most Importantly: Please try to stay calm. While the dispatcher realizes that this call may be the most serious of your life, yours may not be the most serious complaint that is coming in at the time. Be patient and help us help you.

For more information, please call 802.524.2121

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