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The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office provides a specially trained School Resource Officer (S.R.O.) for the purpose of providing assistance to staff, school administrators and parents, instruction to the students, investigation of criminal activity and dealing with other police matters concerning the school or students. This is a proactive, rather than reactive approach to addressing issues within the school.

The School Resource Officer program is organized jointly between the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and the Enosburg Falls Middle and High School. The School Resource Officer is a full time Deputy Sheriff and is answerable to the Franklin County Sheriff.

Enosburg Falls Middle/High School, located in Enosburg Falls, VT, is a grade 6-12 regional school that primarily services the towns of Enosburg, Sheldon and Berkshire. Students from other areas, such as Fairfield, Richford, Montgomery and Franklin are also afforded the opportunity to attend. EHS has a total student population of approximately 580. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has assigned a deputy to the position of S.R.O. at EHS Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 3:30pm. Additionally, the position is also funded for 3 months of the year by the Village of Enosburg and the Town of Enosburgh.

The concept of School Resource Officer may be defined within several areas. The S.R.O. is visualized as a Police Officer, who by definition has an obligation to serve, protect and uphold the law. In addition to being an advisor, resource person and educational aid, it is felt by police, students and educators alike that the S.R.O. should fulfill an important task as a resident contact person, advisor and listener of youth with personal problems which they could bring to the S.R.O. This role is not carried on in competition with the authorized school guidance counselors, but will primarily focus on those issues involving activities which are beyond the scope of the school counselors traditional areas of expertise, i.e., those of a criminal justice nature.

The School Resource Officer fulfills the role of Law Enforcement Officer by the investigation of crimes perpetrated by juveniles, against juveniles, and against schools.

The S.R.O. also acts as a resource person to/for the students, his/her family, the school and the community.

A third role is that of being a referral agent. The School Resource Officer is intimately acquainted with the kinds of help that is available on a local level to help young people and their families. A major part of this function is to get people in contact with various outside agencies that aid them in matters which are beyond the S.R.O.’s scope to solve.

The S.R.O. serves an educational function by assisting in the presentation of classes and courses designed to acquaint students and faculty with the law, local jurisprudence and other areas of interest.



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